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Lecture 6

WOMS202 Lecture 6: Women and WWII

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University of Delaware
Women's Studies
Cherrin Susan

WWI and Women in the West The social possibilities of war Women and personal empowerment war provides opportunity for this o Working on farms or factory o Raises status of women after war Women and government o Do they deserve rights? o Rights o Welfare state o Ambivalence towards women and war o Total war: a type of warfare in which all the resources of the nationincluding all or most of the civilian population are marshaled for the war effort. As total war became more elaborate, all segments of society were increasingly seen as legitimate targets for the combatants Women and WWI o Creation of the home front o The home front and war Women can be a target of violence Produce war materialsneed women to work Morale women feel connected to the war o Britain volunteer army o Perception that war is good and that it will be short o Due to this perception there is massive support for the war effort o War masks social problems Class Gender Women in Britain were pushing for the right to vote during this time but stopped and after the war they got the right the vote due to their massive support o Women: keepers of morale o Be cheerful o cheery word and a smile o serene and calm confidence o Be virtuous British National Vigilance Association Suggests women be pure and gentle, straight and true Be somebody worth fighting for Womens Roles in WWI o Women have new roles in the factory and world is viewed with a lot of suspicion o Fear of their sexuality Women, Sexuality and WWI o Why fight in WWI Protection of the homefront that how they sell it New public role for women Protection of traditional roles for the men Welfare state government makes program to help support women and children Causes resentment because people are mad women are getting paid for nothing Take care of those left behind New scrutiny for women
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