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Lecture 7

WOMS202 Lecture 7: Women in Africa

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University of Delaware
Women's Studies
Cherrin Susan

Women and Revolution in Africa Socialism and Womens Liberation The Communist Party and Womens Liberation Direct appeal to women Programs for women Limited impact Decolonization and Marxism Appeal? Critique of the WestImperialism Way to challenge the terrible things that come along with this Access to Industrialization way for us to advance and get the good things for the West, while critiquing the bad Violence? African Women and Colonization Imperialism justified as a way to liberate women Reinforces patriarchy Decline of leadership roles for women Decline over control over agriculture Colonial rule and the invention of tradition Colonialism based on a system of divide and rule (gender is a part of this) Traditional African society male power (womens roles decline) Development of wage labor disrupts the African household Decolonization in Africa Decline of Western Power post WWII Lack of will to keep the colonies Development of nationalists independence movements The coming of independence Peaceful transition but then rule is okay Armed conflict (in places where Europeans live; settler colonies; will fight to keep land) The Coming of Independence in Algeria French Settler Colony established in 1830 (Pied Noirs) Liberation of Muslim Women How can you rule well if you are not civilized? You arent civilized because of how you treat women Life under colonial rule is difficult Lack of land Turn toward family and religion (Islam) The National Liberation Front (FLN)
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