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Lecture 10

WOMS202 Lecture 10: Global Feminism

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University of Delaware
Women's Studies
Cherrin Susan

Postwar Settlements and the Coming of Human Rights Controversy over womens role in society Difference between womens rights and human rights? The Development of Human Rights The modern idea of human rights Atlantic Revolutions The right to not be tortured The horrors of modern war and genocide UN Universal Charter of Human Rights, 1948 But these lists of rights came from men so they focused more on public rights and encompass rights such as free speech, but this does not hit on womens rights (especially because many problems women have are in the private sphere) These seem like different things human v. womens rights, but how do we connect them? Framework for activism and common action Towards Gloabal Femenism Earlier International Movement First Wave Feminists International Cooperation 1888: International Congress of Women (ICW) 1904: International Womens Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) WWI: International Peace Movements 1960s: Second Wave Feminism in the West Because women are pushed back into the home (women are ditsy and are seen as people who consume) Betty Friedan, The Problem that Has No Name Getting women to talk (middle class women whose husbands care for them, yet their lives feel empty) NOW (National Organization for Women) ERA Was unable to get passed because some women actually began opposing it because they didnt want extra rights Womens Liberation STOP ERA Phyllis Schlafly Reasonable people do want differences of treatment between men and women based on their obvious differences (having babies, strength differences) Redstockings Manifesto (1969) Women are an oppressed class 1960s: Global Decolonization Challenges of Womens Liberation? Differences of womens experiences globally
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