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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 -- Politics, Power, & Violence.docx

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Elyse Anderson

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Politics, Power, & Violence  (Look at notes online)  Un-centralized forms = bands and tribes  Centralized forms = chiefdoms and states  Leaders weren’t born with a status; they achieved it (purely based on skill and intrinsic abilities)  Communities have quite a bit of power; because all of these societies are based on the ideas of the group (group think)  Cacique = king  For state = don’t think of “better” with the use of “complex”; think of in scale (number of people, number of buildings, etc.)  A nation and a state are not synonymous!  Most societies are not both a nation and a state  Adjudication = difference in authority  Anthropology’s uncomfortable relationship with ethnocide/genocide = o Guilt from discipline’s history = theory that anthropologists have come up with classifications and evidence that were used to support the need for genocide and
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