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Mahogany BrownENC 1101January 18 2013Discussion Questions Gloria AnzaldaI will no longer be made to feel ashamed of existing I will have my voice Indian Spanish white I will have my serpents tonguemy womans voice my sexual voice my poets voice 85 Anzaldas article How to Tame a Wild Tongue1What is the main argument of Has the article expanded and deepened your thinking about its ideasHow does this relate to the argument she makes in her first text aThe main argument presented in the poem is that the destruction of a cultures language indefinitely destroys the culture itself The language of a culture is almost sacred in that their language is used as away to express themselves with people who have the same cultural background as them This article helps you realize that the destruction of a cultures language is the main component that causes culture genocide similar to many of the Indian tribes when the west was invaded 2Explain the authors concept of linguistic terrorism Why does Anzalda think that marginalizing a language is cultural violence What comes with a language How does the author relate language to selfidentity What do you think aThe idea of li
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