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Mahogany BrownENC 1102March 14 2013ProspectusResearch Question Why do Americans have cognitive dissonance associated with tragedy and the institution of slaveryImportance of Research QuestionThis is a valid question because it is a topic that Americans always avoid The institution of slavery is seen as something that is taboo that most people are afraid to talk about By avoiding the issue it only heightens its affect on American society The avoidance of the issue is seen through the celebrations of the anniversary of the Civil War as if that is something that merits the right to be celebrated Americans have a romanticized view of slavery instead of recognizing it as one of the worst tragedies in American History I believe America in general care about this question because as a nation being a built on life liberty and pursuit of happiness we completely disregarded that for a whole group of people during slavery Once we finally hold ourselves accountability for that injustice the slavery that is occurring today through drug trafficking has the possibility of being resolved as well as racism that still persist today Until then we will see no
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