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Feb.21 Paper- 4.5-5 pages + works cited Chicago/MLA style/ other recognizable format 1.5 space 12 pt. font/ 1’’margins Times new roman File name: lastnamefirstname.doc (no name needed in body of paper) MINIMUM 6Academic CITATIONS (books written by scholars relevant to the field of anthropology and/or social science in general. (authors last name, year published: page number).  period after closed perenthesis (quotes MUST include page number) Academic Journals MUST BE PEER REVIEWED! (anthrosource, anthropologyplus, ISI, JSTOR) Resources. [email protected] (gender studies) [email protected] (anthropology) Topics: -Nature/Nurture debate in social science and it’s relevance to controversial issues (violence, intelligence, sexual orientation, etc.) (quotations indented 10 pt font, if more than 10 lines) -Discuss one of the following controversial topics below in terms of cultural relativity and/or applied activist anthropology. Should anthropologists engage in support or defense of one of the following practices: Female Genital Cutting, Purdah, Infanticide, child brides, women in the military, breast augmentation? Why or why not? -Discuss the development of gender studies and feminist anthropology. Where are we now? what are some current trends in gender research? Ch. 6 Guide; Production Capitalism  Gendered labor  Effects work done, wage, importance of work~median salary for women is $37,000 male $48,000. Asian women make more money than any other race female and more than African and Latino men.  Feminization of Jobs - Females come into a male dominated profession/ males then consider it woman’s work. EX: Men used to be nurses until females dominated the field.  Anthropological theory  Marx and Engels: Social evolutionists who wanted to find universal laws for societal change. DID NOT want to prove westerns ideals but see the origins of western systems.  Focused on idea of capitalism; rejected nature part of nature vs nurture debate.  Modes of production: distinguished by resources and methods of production known as ‘means of production  Class Societies  Tribal ownership existed in early societies; Deep divisions between classes formed splitting into two classes : Bourgeoisie (upper class) VS Proletariats (paupers)  Productive labor (could be pleasurable when you benefit yourself), infrastructure, superstructure, ideology, individuality (encouraged proletariats to perpetuate their work; giving false consciousnesthe way in which material, ideological and institutional processes in capitalist society mislead members of the), false consciousness, communism.  Gender oppression:  Private property ownership and patriarchy; communal (society based on tradtion and morals, little emphasis on individual responsibility [often polygamists]) MEN+WOMEN OF EQUALIMPORTANCE IN LABOR. ownership of property and the ‘mother right’  Capitalisim: Men gain higher positions in society as wealth increases, patrilineal descent, polygamy replaced monogamy. (Gave men more of a role in the family, made women less important)  The state Apolitical mechanism that protects interests of privileged or elite class.  Did ancient matriarchies even exist? Bachofen Mutternecht’s theory suggested women revolt against promiscuous social order to establish ‘mother right’  Joan Bamberger- Matriarchies are a myth; way to justify a mans place in society today.  Matrilineality: (brothers control women instead of husbands)  Unilineal descent:Away of reckoning kinship by tracing family connections thru only one line; either ,mothers or fathers side.  Advantages: Greater control over property, domestic authority, higher value places on their lives (NOT INDICATIVE OF WHETHER OR NOT WOMEN HAVE POWER)  Fatima Mernissi: Belief- Human history is progressive, human society in spit eof accieents and setbacks, moves progressively from ‘savagery’to ‘civilization’. • Discrepancy in Islam: Islam banished all practices in which sexual self determinism of women was asserted. • Islam accelerated the transition from matriliny to patriliny by enforcing marriage institution that had much in common with patrilineal dominion (Robertson smith).  Biological Paternity  Pre-existing systems saw biological paternity as irrelevant.  Establishment of Idda : a waiting period during which widows and divorcees are forbidden from remarrying; unlike their mothers  Societies  Forager (hunter-gatherer)  Little stratification, almost no private property ownership, no universal form of labor division by sex.  Horticultural societies  Kingship organization, pr
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