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ANT 3520
Katie Rubin

Cremation • Cremations in the US - 2001 o 1700 crematories o 650697 cremations o 26.93% of deaths were cremated o 36.03% of deaths projected for 2010 • What are the reasons for disputed cremains? o Some commingling is inevitable; Locards principle of theory of transfer o Poor cremation practice/ lack of standards o Retort Design • Identification of remains o Bone and tooth fragments o Cremation weights  We have an AVERAGE cremate weight for men and women  Presumptive o Cremation artifacts  We expect to see other things that result from cremation o Elemental analysis  We can look to scientifically determine what is in an urn • 1500 – 2000 degrees Fahrenheit o 1.5-3 hours depending on weight • Weight of cremains o Males – 6 lbs. o Females – 4 lbs. • Use magnets to remove metal objects from cremains • Tumble processors o Broke down cremains • Rotary Blade Processors o Engineered to reduce cremains to less than 200 cubic inches with an average time of only 30 seconds o Reduces remains to primarily ash and non-diagnostic bone fragments o Difficult to discern if human based solely on bone fragments • Sort and weigh o Using layered sieves o Partitioned by weight o Overlaid with a grid and x-rayed o Pull out metal objects which are used to identify person • Classes of artifacts o Medical  Surgical staples  Vascular Clamps  Pacemaker components o Dental  Fragments from dentures and bridgework  Metallic crown fra
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