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Gunshot Wounds in Bone.docx

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University of Florida
ANT 3520
Katie Rubin

Gunshot Wounds in Bone • Anatomy of a gunshot o Velocity o Caliber o Projectile Type o Trajectory o Intermediate Targets • Types of guns o Revolvers o Semiautomatic pistols o Rifles o Shotguns o Automatic weapons • High versus low velocity projectile o High – Large caliber or large gauge  Hunting/military rifles  .44 magnum handgun o Low – Small caliber handgun  .22 or .32 • Caliber – Diameter of the bore from land to opposite land expressed in hundredths of an inch, thousandths of an inch, or millimeters o Occasionally, caliber is given as the diameter of the bullet which is the distance between the grooves • GSW measurements o We can measure the size of a wound or hole to estimate the caliber  But be careful! • Entrance versus exit • Contact (point blank) versus distance • Anatomy of ammunition o Lead  Soft  Used only in revolvers if still used  Leaves distinct pattern o Lead Allow o Semi-jacketed  Mushroom at top o Full metal jacketed  Completely enclose  Designed to pierce, penetrate, and pass thru o Teflon bull
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