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ANT 3520
Katie Rubin

The Profession • The profession of forensic anthropology o Educational requirements  Minimum of master’s degree  Usually requires a Ph.D. o Average of c. 8.5 years post-BA o Average age of recipient is 39.5 • How do I do it? o BA from a good school  Good grades and GRE o Seek broad training o Try to get at least some experience  CA Pound lab volunteer/Internship  ME internship  CSI internship  Training courses o Attend meetings  AAFS  FEMORS  FAME  MD&C o Obtain and read scientific journals • Job options o Academia o Medical Examiner’s office o JPAC or other labs o Non-government agencies o Federal agencies (DMORT) • Academia Anthropologists o Ph.D. Required o Salary between 45k and 110k o Teaching, research and service o Intense competition for jobs o Few placement ads specify forensics • MEO-based anthropologists o BA or MA o Salary between 35k and 75k o May serve as forensic anthropologist o Usually cross trained to perform other tasks o ABMDI Certification • Human rights and disasters o MA or PhD o Usually not full time occupations o An opportunity for fieldwork and gaining experience o A way in which anthropologists can contribute; usually not seen as a way to make money o Way to give back for one’s experience • Park Service o National park service/state park service/ forestry division
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