Ch. 8 (Pt. 1)

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Biology - Biological Sciences
BSC 2010
Gerlach, Nicole

2/18/13 Chapter 8 I. Review from Last Class A. : number of possible gametes for diploid individuals w/ n haploid chromosomes II. Vocabulary A. Phenotype - observable physical properties of an organism B. Character - observable physical feature (e.g. flower color) C. Trait - form of character (e.g. purple flowers) D. Genotype - genetic composition of an organism E. Gene - unit of heredity; consists of some segment of DNA F. Allele - different forms of same gene due to different DNA sequences III. Mendel's Laws A. Early experiments w/ genetics led to 2 theories 1. Blending inheritance 2. Particulate inheritance: correct B. Gregor Mendel worked w/ true breeding varieties of pea plants (all offspring produced same seeds and flowers) 1. Conclusions: heritable factor did not disappear in F1 generation; wrinkled pea reappeared in F2 generation (disproved blending inheritance theory) 2. Round = dominant; wrinkled = recessive 3. Traits showed 3:1 ratio C. Mendel's First Law: Law of Segregation 1. 2 copies of a gene se
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