Ch. 7 (Pt. 3): Transcription

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University of Florida
Biology - Biological Sciences
BSC 2010
Gerlach, Nicole

2/27/13 Ch. 7: Transcription I. Replication vs Transcription Replication Transcription Location Nucleolus Nucleus Template Both strands of One strand of DNA DNA Begins Origin of Promoter region replication Primer RNA primer None Direction 5’ to 3’ 3’ to 5’ Template is Read Direction of 5’ to 3’ 5’ to 3’ Polymerization Monomers A, C, G, T A, C, G, U Product 2 double 1 single stranded stranded DNA RNA molecule molecules II. Genetics: Genes Code Proteins A. Garrod saw disease phenotype, alkaptonuria B. Accumulation of substance broken down by an enzyme in unaffected people C. Inheritance pattern matched Mendelian recessive mutations D. Garrod concluded findings with one gene to one enzyme theory E. One gene to one enzyme – mutant phenotype arises from a change in the protein’s amino acid sequence F. Central dogma: DNA •Replication RNA •Transcription Protein •Translation G. 3 kinds of RNA: 1. Messenger RNA (mRNA) 2. Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) 3. Transfer RNA (tRNA) III. Transcription A. Transcription – transferring info from the “language” of DNA to the “language” of RNA 1. Polymers of nucleotides 2. DNA: A, C, G, T 3. RNA: A, C, G, U B. 3 phases: 1. Initiation 2. Elongation 3. Termination C. Requires 3 things: 1. DNA template for base pairing 2. Nucleoside triphosphates
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