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Biology - Biological Sciences
BSC 2010
Gerlach, Nicole

3/25/13 Ch. 15: Mechanisms of Evolution I. Evolution A. Evolve – biological populations changing over time B. Observed in lab experiments, natural populations, fossil record C. Why we care?: study and treatment of diseases, agricultural and industrial applications, implications for conservation, diversification of life D. Theory – untested hypothesis or a guess 1. Not the case in science E. Evolutionary theory – not a single hypothesis, but it encompasses a large body of work 1. Ex: theory of relativity 2. Refers to understanding of mechanisms that result in genetic changes in populations over time F. Erasmus Darwin: species share a common ancestor G. John-Baptiste Lamarck: idea of evolution by inheritance of acquired characteristics H. Darwin: idea of evolution by natural selection to explain: 1. Species change over time 2. Divergent species share a common ancestor I. IMPORTANT: evolution ≠ natural selection 1. Natural selection is a MECHANISM by which evolution can occur J. Conditions for natural selection to occur: 1. Population must show variation in a trait 2. Trait must be heritable 3. Trait must
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