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Lecture 1

BUL 4310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: United States Constitution, Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, Precedent

Business Law
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BUL 4310
Philip Kabler

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Business Law 4310
August 22, 2018
Law of business follows largely predicable cycles and seasons (Module 10 ***)
o Can learn from patterns over time
o Ex: Product manager for a new type of burger and it’s your job to diffuse the
information to stores in all 67 counties of Florida. New legislation has changed
taxes and employments (seasonal occurrence), have to know these things because
in July you have to present it (seasonal event). New ingredients in the burger has
been found to create a disease (plan to spend time with risk management,
insurance) non-cyclical event that’s about to become one.
Non-cyclical events followed by seasonal patterns
Testable: online required readings, all lectures, all assigned readings
Law “enforceable rules governing conduct and relationships in society”
o Substantive law vs. Procedural law
o Substantive conducts and relationships, sets limits and parameters on okay
Ex: bankruptcy law defines the conditions that allow individuals or
business to qualify for protection from bankruptcy
o Procedural establishes game rules for how to comply with substantive law,
formalities of how to conform, deadlines etc.
Ex: bankruptcy, sets requirements for forms to file by petitioner,
appropriate filing locations, timing for trustee hearings, for filing other
Sources of the Law modern legal Western traditions
o Many sources and hierarchies
o Virility, ethics religious sources (?)
o National constitutional law creates infrastructure for statutes and regulations
States can variants
o Statutes, ordinances and regulations themselves
o Judicial rulings that interpret the laws
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