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Lecture 51

GEB 3373 Lecture Notes - Lecture 51: Channel (Communications), Sales Promotion, Personal Selling

Business Administration - General
Course Code
GEB 3373
Phalin Amanda

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Chapters 16-17
Part 2
Brand Names
- Standardize brand name allows firm to
> Decrease packaging, design, and advertising costs
> Capture spillovers of its advertising messages from one
market to another (e.g., across EU, between China/HK)
- Legal/cultural factors may need to customize brand name
> Corona = Coronita in Spain since name already in use
> Peter Parker = Pavitr Prabhakar in India
> Diet Coke = Coca-Cola Light outside U.S.
International Promotion Issues & Decisions
- Promotion
> Encompasses all efforts by firm to enhance desirability of
products among potential buyers
> Success requires communicating effectively w/ buyers,
distributors, and general public
> Highly affected by culture; firms must ensure they are
sending the intended message
> Comprises four components:
personal selling
sales promotion
public relations
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