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Lecture 2

CHM 1020 Lecture 2: Chapter 2

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University of Florida
CHM 1020
Melanie Veige

Chapte2:Protectingthe-ownuwer 21-DA.n what where velt? Humanr can detect lorrb-LiomakmwiLelp) 0. can a nnnanally Afmnnm 302 →203 doern't vtMA lung 70k-03-1nNaeronne 2.2 Annie SowintsPr nodiuM exaHuthe Jame man out aunut eveAnna wind in eeeet le el 4 kup awuni la v ony of the 杜drovtr rv,.Lhen(Lin mall He ha/Venamthnn Hert. (nema eneny dindevidunIHi) 2.3 Mouullu & Model Jhaved unthilt a CB nvalent wund : 2 e Leon intNU: A2tvenahon an at m/mal unu that /hcwr trate nconv Sinan uNAkrHowd 3met when 7 ekhwn Love Paiv.) angunaa eliarm adetv e fat that eWhnv in many r Wilw cra-arenn.fb4bM ewwawn 如ublehind ,ひNalent 0nd Urnhiy ef 2 p nor dit-med ouchnn/ Shsvtw) fwngir, 2.4 Wad A uqnt fdarenmi,キ fray'U fannA afixed Pt, n Lit ˇ 玖VOLengih(71 elemmaoretie ratant away enhYC LAwhu tta 4. Watter glyzenthunttr onnerwy : ady ent t o a end of sank und r an ech m/ at shae nada rt eduK) A仰 a an 사한tor ga,thAk HMt rk. dunnou dinht. 25-katinhunArvvitt -- Exer刎duhnhntuh quantrd:We deMA Javuk Chapte2 : Protectingthe - own
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