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Lecture 3

CHM 1020 Lecture 3: Chapter 3

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CHM 1020
Melanie Veige

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13.4 ml Modul 3 CilMATE CHANGE alan Ranh event Jul l4 absurd in atm heat rab umed Concur T atrh. W hau T prupituittun MOLECMAK SHAPES alway LINEAR. o Central Ahm bond angu 160° lstraight lire) maumi planav bund 110 2 Bunds t Vona PA bond angu 4120 planar amah detrahldra ia lone min tmayunal pyramda A DO ben AH Rondo ob kap aantum. R has energy newry they abou b when-rey Huth f band 6.02 X10 enquhy 12g Avagardor F bpually C-12 6.021 l023 a b.O an be fil Md Abma move e Molar ma tt vundur element name mas (a) in 1 mei af ekmomt- Mass of 4 c abrm 12.0 4 Na 14.2 gim Abmr an Ekment insa Mouwl tprv many Cabm in 3 tt g affolne? qumu C mol Ce H X10 mol mei cai (ahe 14.2 g
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