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CHM 2045

7 Standard Temperature and Pressure STPo A 0C and 1 atmo B Speeds at STP are hundreds of meters per second eg oxygen481 msStandard Molar Volume o A One mole of any ideally behaving as will occupy 224 liters at STPMean Free path o A Distance traveled by a gas molecule between collisions o B About 110000 of a millimeter o C Billions of collisions per second Mixtures o A Unlike liquid regardless of polarity differences two different gaseous substances will form a homogenous mixture o B At lower temperatures gravity will cause the heavier molecules to settle below the lighter moleculesIdeal Gases Kinetic Molecular Theory o A Describes the characteristic of an ideal gas like ideal liquids they do not perfectly reflect real gaseso B Mixtures of gases 1 The laws do not change for different gases 2 Contribute to the pressure in the same proportions as it contributes to the number of moles of gas o C Characteristics of an Ideal Gas1 Gas molecules have zero volume2 Gas molecules exert no forces other than repulsive forces due to collisions3 Gas molecules make completely elastic collisions4 The average translational kinetic energy of gas molecules is directly proportional to the temperature of the gas KE32RT o D Ideal gas obeys the Ideal Gas Law PVnRT1 Ppressure in
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