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Effect of pH on the Solubility of Zn(OH)2 2009(1).doc

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CHM 2046

The Effect of pH on the Solubility of Zn(OH) 2 Some solids that are only weakly soluble in pure water become much more soluble in an acidic solution (pH < 7). An obvious example are compounds that produce OH ions when dissolved, such as metal hydroxides. Consider Zn(OH) (s), which 2ndergoes: 2+ - Zn(OH) (s)2⇌ Zn (aq) + 2 OH (aq) K sp[Zn ] [OH] - 2 We have already seen that in increase in the [H O ] conce3tration reduces the [OH], since K = - w + - 2+ [H 3 ][OH]. Thus, in order to maintain the solubility product K , the concentrspion of [Zn ] must increase, leading to the increased solubility of the solid. We can calculate this easily. Example: -17 (1) What is the solubility of Zn(OH) in pure2water? K = 4.5 x 10 sp (2) What is the solubility of Zn(OH) in a so2ution buffered at pH=6.00? Solution: (1) Set up an ICE table, and solve for the solubility (x) of Zn(OH) (s). 2 Zn(OH) (s)2⇌ Zn (aq) + 2 OH (aq) - [I] (solid) 0 0 [C] -x +x +2x [E] (solid) x 2x -17 2+ - 2 2 3 K
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