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CLT 3370

Zubin Kapadia January 18 , 2013 What about human beings?  Why is our world the way it is?  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Why are we different from animals?  Why do we suffer? Conflicting Traditions  Not in Hesiod who gives no account of our origins  Scattered references in other authors- o Zeus o Zeus and other gods o Everything from same source nd o Prometheus (2 generation Titan) Prometheus  Prometheus (fore learner) is equivalent to folktale character – the trickster who likes to outwit the powerful  Epimetheus (after learner) is his brother Prometheus: Maker of Mortals  Ovid (Roman writer)  Prometheus, the song of Titans Lapetus and Themis  Very clever inventor  Made man from earth and water (divine seed) Prometheus: Protector of Mortals and Culture Bearer  Gifts of Prometheus to mankind (civilizing art) o Math, astronomy, harnessing, building, seafaring, writing, calendar, medicine, prophecy, metallurgy Prometheus at Mecone  Prometheus offered sacrifice bundles to Zeus and asked which Zeus preferred 1 Zubin Kapadia January 18 , 2013 Prometheus: Protector of Mortals  Outrages, Zeus removes fire from the trees  Prometheus sneaks some fire in a fennel stalk to man  Humans now must work for fire  Prometheus punished by being tied to a pillar by strength (Kratos) and Violence at the eastern end of the Black Sea (Caucasus mountains) where eagles ate his liver by day, which grew back at night.  Prometheus reveals his secret for freedom  Zeus allows Herakles/Heracles to break the chains  It’s Thetis, (Nereid) whom Zeus then marries off to a mortal, Peleus: the son
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