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Zubin Kapadia January 28 , 2013 Affairs  Demeter and Poseidon = First Horse  Medusa and Poseidon = Pegasus  Father of a Cyclops = Polyphemus Hades, King of the Dead  The Invisible – Magic Helmet from the Cyclopes  Roman: Pluto (The Enricher) or Dis  Lord of the dead who are hidden beneath the ground (ghosts)  Abduction and Marriage to Persephone Apollo, The Far-Darter, God of Prophecy  One of the most complex  His role at Delphi makes him, next to Zeus, the most important Olympian  Bearer of traditional male aristocratic Greek culture through musical ability  Son of Zeus and Leto (Titan descendant)  Roman name – Apollo o Twin of Artemis  Plague (Lord of mice) (Iliad)  Healing  Prophecy  Music  Light (sun) “Phoebus”  Manly beauty Apollo at Delphi (Prophecy)  Looking for a place for his shrine
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