Abnormal Psych: Borderline Personality disorder and treatment

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Clinical and Health Psychology
CLP 3144

Borderline Personality disorder and treatment: Counseling and Wellness Center A pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self- image, and marked impulsivity -Pervasive across personal and social situations -Leads to impairment -Maladaptive -Frantically work to avoid imagined or real abandonment - show via a lot of anger when they feel abandoned -Intense intolerance of being alone -self harming behaviors, making threats “if you leave ill die”, suicidal attempts or threats -“I hate you don’t leave me”- book that portrays borderline personality -all or nothing experience.. perfect or can do no right -unstable self image or sense of self -Impulsivity in at least two areas that are self-damaging (riding a bike into traffic, binge eating, driving recklessly, gambling money you don’t have” -chronic feelings of emptiness -Feel bad an un-valuable -Mood instability (one extreme to other) -Nervousness and insecurity in situations -dramatic attempts to get attention from those whom they feel like they are aband
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