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Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
EEX 2000
Penny Cox

Diagnosing Autism: Diagnosing must consider: (behavioral, not medical)  Communication (no eye contact, gestures, body language, cooing, babbling, etc)  Socialization  Activities and range of interests 5 Disorders under Autism spectrum Communication:  Language skills can vary from none to very sophisticated  Echolalia (repeating what they’re hearing) (may not have true comprehension or understanding, but can strictly repeat) (not change pronouns or verb tenses)  Difficulty understanding nonliteral language (do not initiate interactions) (will not elaborate on questions) (use words in different way than expected) (idioms or phrases)  Impaired nonverbal communication (no gestures, flat expression)  Will have non-filtered speech (say what is on their mind)  Monotone voice or odd cadence Socialization:  Appear unaware of presence of others  Lack of joint attention or social referencing  Share info about topics of interest more than about self (talking at someone) ( don’t allow others to talk during conversation)  Have few reciprocal relationships  Don’t see other’s company; prefer to be alone  Uninterested in socializing Activities or range of interests:  Narrow range of interests  Greater interest in objects than people  Perseveration (get on one thing and stay there; dwelling)  Insistence on sameness (consistency, routines, predictable) (otherwise, they may not know how to act; meltdown)  Repetitive motor movements (stere
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