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University of Florida
Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
EEX 2000
Penny Cox

2/11/14 Disabilities within Families  Family Climate-General atmosphere within the home  Depends how well family works as a unit.  Disabilities  Recognition of disability can be influenced by past experiences  Religious beliefs are an important part of how disabilities are considered.  Families assimilate information about disability to develop perceptions and understandings of a disability.  Family Ecology- refers to all elements that make up a family unit. (socioeconomic status, relationships etc.)  Deals with extended family, parent relationships, general circumstances such as unemployment/poverty.  Results in a positive family climate, allows family members to participate in expected, routine (important element) activities.  Some Similarities exist among siblings  Positive and negative results  Grow towards acceptance of disability  Siblings experience a range of emotional responses  Siblings generally report positive family relationships  Parents with children with disabilities report greater levels of stress  Some service organizations report frequent requests for respite care from parents of children with disabilities.  Day care concerns are complicated by the presence of disabilit
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