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Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
EEX 2000
Penny Cox

1/21/14  Cognitive Disabilities- Refers to conditions that cause people to have difficulty with mentally performed tasks.  Memory, problem solving, attention, use of language, arithmetic ability, comprehension of visual stimuli (looking around, disinterest) are all effected by cognitive disabilities.  Cognitive disabilities include: intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, problems caused by brain injuries, attention deficit disorder, dementia  More severe the cognitive disability, the more independence is impeded.  People with learning disabilities CANNOT have intellectual disabilities.  Intellectual Disabilities  Causes of mental retardation  Prenatally • Chromosomal/Genetic • Maternal health • Environmental  Perinatally ~at or around time of birth (birth accidents etc.)  Postnatally • Illness • Injury • Environmental  Fragil X Syndrome (Inherited) **Most common inherited cause  Most common cause of cognitive disability  Results in unique facial characteristics  Low muscle tone, flat feet, hyperextensible joints  Can cause hyperactive, distractable, impulsive behaviors (more common in boys)  Can cause anxiety, depression, shyness in girls  Down Syndrome***  Most common chromosomal condition  Results in mild to moderate disability  Results in some specific physical characteristics • Flat facial profile • Upward slant to eyes • Short neck • Abnormally shaped ears • White spots on iris of eye (brushfield spots) • Single, deep transverse crease on palm of hand • Smaller than average size • Poor muscle tone (Hypotonia) • Joint looseness • Broad feet with short toes • Short, stubby fingers  Identifying intellectua
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