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Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
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EEX 2000
Penny Cox

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EEX 2000 Independent Activity #7: Walk in Our Shoes – Viewing Guide Name: Random Answer the following questions about the video Walk in Our Shoes. Christine Natress 1. Describe Christine’s experience the day her father picked her up from school. Christine thought it was unusual when her dad picked her up early from school and told her to go home to pack her bags for the hospital. She remembers being very frightened about the whole experience. 2. What are Christine’s feelings about her experience now? Christine is angry because she did not know she was being sterilized and she never had to option to have children. Annette Kalkman 3. What is one emotional consequence of hysterectomies mentioned in the video? One emotional and behavior consequence of a hysterectomies includes difficulty of the patients to get along with men. 4. What makes Annette’s case different the other women profiled in this video? Why might the decision-making process be different in her case? Annette only has Cerebral Palsy; she does not have an intellectual disorder. The decision making process might be different in her case because she has an opinion to voice about the procedure. Trisha King 5. What disabilities does Trisha have? How old was Trisha when her parents had a hysterectomy performed on her? Trisha has a heart defect, chronic scoliosis, and a severe intellectual disability. Trisha was only 15 years old when she was sterilized. 6. What were two reasons Trisha’s parents wanted her to have a hysterectomy? Trisha Trisha’s parents wanted to sterilize her because Trisha could not properly handle her periods by herself, and her parents has difficulty finding medical assistance that could help them with the problem. Also, Trisha had very painful periods and her parents wanted her to have a better quality of life without them. Laura Ferris 7. What disability does Laura have? What were two reasons Laura’s parents wanted her to have a hysterectomy? Laura was diagnosed with childhood disintegrative disorder. Laura’s parents wanted her to have a hysterectomy because they were concerned that she was not capable of handling menstruation by herself. Furthermore, they believed that Laura’s quality of life would improve. They explained that since they would not be around for the entirety of Laura’s life to provide
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