LIN 3010 Lecture 15: lecture 15&16

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University of Florida
Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
LIN 3010
Wulff Steffi

Language contact • Involves the contact of two/more languages either indirectly through the written form and other media, or directly through social contact b/t speakers • Contact situation: can be described in terms of their influence on the linguistic systems, the social relationships of the speakers in contact, and the linguistic outcome of • the contact Levels of borrowing • Borrowing: adoption by one language of linguistic elements from another language. Can be lexical or structural • Lexical borrowings referred to as loan words or loans. The pronunciation of loans is typically adapted to the target language. • Calques: when whole phrases are borrowed, and translated morpheme-by-morpheme into the target language • Phonological borrowing: occurs when a language adopts new sounds/phonological rules from another language. They often trigger phonological borrowings • Morphological borrowing: the adoption of morphological elements or patterns by one language from another • Syntactic borrowing: ordering requirements of surface elements in one language are borrowed into another language Contact situations • Intensity of contact: lexical borrowing can occur in low-intensity contact situations, but structural borrowings require that the two languages be in touch more intensively • Prestige: if the speakers of both languages are perceived as equally prestigious, we call the relationship between the two languages an astragal relationship • Superstratum language: when speakers are perceived as unequal in terms of prestige, we call the language of the dominant group this • Substratum language: the language of the less dominant group • Native language interference: occurs when non-native speakers of a language introduce elements of their first language into the target language, and which usually is not adopted by most the speaker of the target language, but mainly characterizes the language variety of the non-native speakers of that language Outcomes of language contact • Language convergence: when speakers of two astragal languages engage in extensive long-term cont
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