LIN 3010 Lecture 13: lecture 13&14

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Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
LIN 3010
Wulff Steffi

Language and Culture • Linguistic anthropology: study of how language interacts with and shapes social structure and culture o Interested in social organization and cultural meaning as they’re reflected in the structure, lexicon, and conventions of a given language Kinship terms • Organized by gender, generation, lineage, and blood relation Communicative competence • Ability to interact and communicate per cultural norms o Include politeness strategies, speaker roles, turn-taking rules, and greetings • Indexicality o Symbols: the relationship between the linguistic form and the object/idea it refers to is arbitrary o Icons: signs whose signifier resembles/imitates its referent in some direct way o Index: sign where the signifier doesn’t resemble its referent, but neither is the relationship b/t signifier and signified arbitrary Language and thought • Linguistic relativity hypothesis: argues that the language someone speaks affects how they perceive the world o Two versions: linguistic relativity and linguistic determinism • Languages differ in lexical differentiation: some languages have several words for a given domain, others have far fewer • Grammatical differentiation: the degree to which we grammatically encode parts of speech/morphemes o Word classes: in English, we distinguish quite clearly b/t nouns and verbs o Grammatical gender: English has none, Spanish distinguishes masculine and feminine gender • Spatial terms: quite similar across languages Language and Culture Part 2 Language and power • We use language every day to create, negotiate, and
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