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Lecture 4

ENT 3003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Elevator Pitch, Jargon, Frozen Yogurt

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ENT 3003
Christopher Garrett Pryor

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Module 4 (Feb. 4)
How to Do an Elevator Pitch:
Upload to Youtube and insert the link into Blogger (public not private)
o 1 minute 30 seconds
Never ask for money!!
Big Picture Issues
Know the Goal (our purpose is to get feedback, foster learning, professionals do an
elevator pitch to get the next meeting)
Know the Subject
o Know your customers and what you’re trying to sell (be as specific as you can)
o SHOW you know the subject by including statistics, facts, customers you
interviewed, something special about you that makes you the person to pull the
business off
Know the Audience
o Talk to them in a way that they understand (no lingo)
Connect- don’t use jargon
Presentation Matters
o Put your face at eye level
o Dress the part (business professional) (calm, confident, and happy)
o Practice in the mirror
Be Prepared- any place, any time
Small Picture Issues: Tactics
o Don’t talk about yourself
o Hook us at the beginning (first 10 to 15 seconds)
Put the listener in the shoes of your customer (very common)
Be provocative (“a bad word can go a long way if it’s appropriate)
Tell a good story
Solve a Problem
Who’s Need are you Solving?
Talk Slow- Less is More
Have Passion- or at Least Fake it
Elevator Pitch Outline
o (0-10 seconds) You have 10 seconds to get our attention.
o (11-30 seconds) Describe the whos and whats of the problem.
o (31-55 seconds) How do you solve the problem? (descripe the exchange- app
and price for such)
o (56-60 seconds) Make the ask. (for this assignment…”What do you think about
Common Mistakes
o Talk too much about yourself
o Too much about the ‘solution’
o You never tell us how you make money (charge more, never charge less)
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