MDU 4003 Lecture 5: 5b Ear Nose and Throat notes

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University of Florida
Health Outcomes & Policy
MDU 4003
Rhamani, Mariam

Dr. Sedwick ENT Otorhinolaryngology - oldest medical subspecialty in the US trained in medical and surgical areas of the ear, nose and throat commonly referred to as ENT physicians special skills with treatments of the sinus (sinusitis), voice box (vocal chord nodules, singers/screamers nodules), diseases of the oral cavity, as well as other structures of the head, neck and face. treat both children and adults Ears: hearing loss affects 1/10 North Americans treat both medical and surgical problems with hearing, ear infections, and balance disorders b/c these areas are very close to the inner ear, noise in the ears (tinnitus), nerve pain, and cranial nerve disorders, congenital Disorders of the inner and outer ear. Nose: 35 million americans develop chronic sinusitis each year, making it one of the most common health complaints in the United States. primary care of the nasal cavities and sinuses is one of the primary skills management of the nasal area includes treatment of allergies, loss of sense of smell (anosmia), difficulty with breathing disorders, problems with nasal appearance Throat: Communication, Speech and singing Voice Box: Larynx, upper digestive tract (esophagus) treatment of the throat would include swallowing and voice disorders Head/ Neck: primarily oncologists of these cancers includes important nerves that control sight, smell, hearing, and the face important to understand anatomy to remove tumors benign and malignant tumors facial trauma and deformities of the face cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive procedures Common problems: ears(otology portion in biology): swimmers ear, infection of the ear in children, ringing of the ear, hearing loss or (tinnitus), ear pain pediatric patients: tonsil infections, asthma, allergy/sinuses, pediatric airway head/neck surgery: cancerous tumors, lump in the neck of unknown origin, cancer of the voice box, nodules in the thyroid which may require surgical treatment Facial plastic surgery*: rhinoplasty (change of appearance in the nose due to trauma and general deformity), face lifting procedure (due to aging), cleft palate repair, surgeries to improve drooping the eyelids (can be due to age, sun exposure, and genetics) Rhinology (treatment of nasal diseases): sinus disorders, nosebleeds, treatment of stuffy nose, treatment of loss of smell, Typical Case: 60 yr old male with history of ear/throat pain with hoarseness for about 3 months. referred from primary care physician (family practitioner) after the doctor noted “no improvement of ant
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