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Journalism Vocabulary

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JOU 1001
Steve Orlando

JOU1001 9/23/13 Journalism vocabulary, etc. Journalism Vocabulary  5W’S & H: the essentials of any story: who, what, when, where, why, and how  BEAT: a specific area assigned to a reporter for regular coverage  BY-LINE: indicated who wrote the story; often includes the writer’s title  CAPTION: the portion of the layout that explains what is happening in a photograph. Also called cutlines. Often includes a photo credit.  EDITORIAL: a type of story which serves to express an opinion and encourage the reader to take some action  FACT: a statement that can be proven. Not an opinion  FEATURE: a story written with some interpretation that goes beyond just reporting the facts  FLAG: the name of the paper that usually appears at the top of page one or on the paper’s home page  GRAPHICS: the use of lines, screens, boxes, large initial letters, etc. to enhance a design by breaking up areas  HEADLINE: large type designed to summarize a story and grab the reader’s attention  HUMAN INTEREST: an element of news that includes people or events with which the audience can identify; stories that are just interesting
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