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Steve Johnson Lecture

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JOU 1001
Steve Orlando

Introduction to Journalism All Things Considered Steve Johnson 2007 Orlando sentinel Sports Freelancing for ESPN Miami herald sent to cover BP oil spill Tells stories everywhere Backpack journalism didn’t exist in 2008 Journalism is not about stories that just happened How do we cover everything?  One step at a time  Preparing How do we cover everything well? “First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” –The Newsroom Are we the best journalists? No Maybe the problem is we’re not informing the people How do we inform people in the best way possible? When is a story best to be concise, a photo, an article, a tweet, etc. Everything starts with a good design Design for your audience (sometimes multiple audiences) Photos will never go away Design for different platforms Info graphics in newspapers Our goal is to give information to an audience What do you need to learn? Most importantly, figure out the why How do we tell
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