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How to Conduct Interviews (Kristen Harmel Lecture)

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University of Florida
JOU 1001
Steve Orlando

JOU1001 How To Conduct Great Interviews with Kristin Harmel  Writing for People magazine since 2000  Freelancing for other magazine since she was 16 (for 18 years)  Done numerous interviews for The Daily Buzz and WESH-NBC news  Do your research beforehand o Research the person thoroughly o Know as many facts as you can o Unnecessary questions make the interviewee less likely to trust you  Write your questions ahead of time  Find common ground with a friendly conversation o Start out simply chatting with the person o Has something interesting happened lately? As long as it’s not controversial o Don’t make conversation about something like politics, religion or another potentially heated issue  Then give the person a “road map” o “Today, I was hoping we could tackle a, b, c, and d. We’ll breeze through a and b and if you have anything to add at any point, I’m all ears. Okay?”  Start with quick, simple background:
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