LIT 2000 Lecture 6: Beloved Overview 1

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Beloved Overview
February 8, 2017
Magical Realism
Often times beloved is classified under the literary genre of Magical Realism
By definition, magical realism is an unexpected alteration of reality
o An unaccustomed insight that is singularly favored by the unexpected richness of
reality or an amplification of the scale and categories of reality
It achieves its power by weaving together elements we tend to associate with realism
and elements we associate with fabulous
o A irreduile agic which cannot be explained by typical notions of natural
o A realist description that stresses normal, common, and every day phenomena,
which is then revised by the marvelous
Extreme or amplified states of mind or setting are often used to
accomplish this
This distinguishes the genre from true fantasy
o It causes the reader to be draen between two views of reality
o These two visions or realms nearly merge or intersect
o Time is both history and timeless
Space is often challenged
Identity is broken down at times
Secondary characteristics:
o The work is often metafictional or self-referential
o The tet a eplo a eral agi here etaphors are treated as realit
o Phenomenal states may include the primitive or childless that seem to dislocate
out initial feelings
Has the tendency to defamiliarize the scene for readers
o Readers learn that they have not come entirely ready to understand the
More often then not, the genre of magical realism takes place after colonial times
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