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Microbiology and Cell Science
MCB 3020L

Chloe Evetts 89904674Cameron JacobsCombating MicrobesPurposeThe purpose of this lab is to learn how to use the KIRBYBAUER ANTIBIOTIC DISK DIFFUSION SUSCEPTIBILITY TEST factors affecting zones of inhibition pathogen susceptibility rate of diffusion by the antibiotic though the agar the depth of the agar which could create larger zones of inhibiton for shallow plates pH due to optimum growing pH being between 6575 the size of the inoculated organism and presence of other metals and the pros and cons of zone Inhibition testingHypothesisBy successfully completing this lab we should be able to understand how antibiotics affect microbes and which antibiotics work best on certain microbes It can be hypothesized that there are certain antibiotics that are successful at preventing growth of gram positive bacteria and other antibiotics that work on gram negative bacteria There are some microbes that may be resistant to many different types of bacteria
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