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Lecture 3

MMC 3030 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Phos, Web Design, E-Commerce

Mass Media Communication
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MMC 3030
Andrea Billups Kneeland

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To: J. Stonecipher
From: E. Margolis
Subject: Applying for Internships
Date: 8 July 2019
The purpose of this memo is to present an internship I could apply to and explain the
organization and my choice as requested by J. Stonecipher, my course instructor.
PHOS Creative is digital agency in Gainesville, FL. They specialize in strategic consulting,
branding, digital marketing, and web design. They are a team of 11 employees and a few interns.
Their objective is to empower their clients to market through their mission in order to reach their
vision. This is achieved through their tools, such as market analysis, identity design, marketing
plan development, eCommerce, and many more. They have a marketing internship position open
that I could realistically apply for now.
Internship Choice
PHOS Creative describes their ideal marketing intern as someone who embraces their core
values of leadership, creativity, love, integrity, and community (PHOS Creative). The intern
they hire must be willing to enthusiastically learn and serve the Gainesville business community.
This intern will be working on social media, content marketing, market research and strategy,
and online management. To qualify, an intern must be experienced with Microsoft, social media
platforms, and flexible writing. I qualify for this internship, because I am certified in a few
Microsoft programs and I have multiple social media internships and marketing experiences
under my belt. I think I am a great match for this internship, because I have knowledge to bring
to the team and still have much to learn from them on different aspects of marketing. Out of my
next internship, I want to get out more real work experience. I would like to work for a serious
agency in Gainesville, such as PHOS Creative. They are a small but serious and accomplished
team that could be a great opportunity for me to advance myself while in school.
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