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Lecture 2

RTV 3101 Lecture 2: The Basic Structure of a Good Story - 1.11.17

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RTV 3101
Daniel Vaughn

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find more resources at The Basic Structure of a Good Story Andrew Stanton - The Clues to a Great Story ● “Storytelling is joke telling… It’s knowing your punchline, the beginning” ● Make me care ● Make a promise at the beginning ○ “Once upon a time” ● Don’t give them 4, give them 2+2 ● “If things go static, stories die. Because life is never static” ● “Drama is anticipation, mingled with uncertainty” ● A strong theme is always running through a well told story Classic 3-Act Structure ● Act I - introduction, setup ○ Introduce your main characters ○ Set the “rules” of the world ○ Ends with the inciting incident ■ Spurs characters into the second act ● Act II - rising action, stakes get higher ○ Confrontation ○ Longest of the three acts, contains the majority of the adventure ○ The stakes MUST get higher ○ Ends with final turning point ■ Propels characters into final act ○ Introduce subplots ■ Successful subplots always connect to the main story and help drive the narrative forward ■ Ex: Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride ● His goal is similar to that of Wesley, they want to end up in same place ● Act III - crisis, falling action ○ Resolution ○ Usually the shortest act ○ Hero must confront the Dragon (his greatest enemy) find more resources at find more resources at ○ Contains your most dramatic scene ■ Bring your characters to the brink of death, then pull them back ■ Toy Story 3 ○ Always resolve your subplots Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can Too! By Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant Chapter 23: If your screenplay doesn’t have this structure, it won’t sell: ● Act I - you get a likeable guy stuck up a tree ● Act II - you throw rocks at him ● Act III - You get him down out of the tree The structure: ● Pages 1-10 - We meet your hero and the world they live in. We’re in a world where people can almost fly. We meet Neo, who senses that there’s something odd going on and who has an itch to find out what the Matrix is. ● Page 10 - something out of the ordinary happens to your hero. Neo meets Trinity. She tells him she knows what the Matrix is. Neo DOES NOTHING. He goes to work the next day and acts like it didn’t happen. ● Page 25 - Your hero is launched into the story. Neo has seen unexplainable shit for the last 15 pages: they erased his mouth and put an android shrimp in his belly button, for God’s sake. HE TAKES THE RED PILL. ● Pages 45-50 - things get worse For 20 pages, Neo gets hit with bad news: the world was destroyed, and he’s never really eaten noodles. And worst of all: HE is the Messiah that’s supposed to save the world - talk about pressure. On page 45 he makes the Great Leap off the building to prove he’s The One... AND HE FALLS ON HIS FACE. ● Pages 65-70 - something even worse happens On page 65, the Oracle tells Neo he’s NOT The One and Cypher turns traitor and tries to kill them all. Tough day. ● Pages 70-80 - things get as bad as they can possible get The agents have Morpheus. Neo has to choose, his life for Morpheus’s - even though he knows it’s impossible because he’s not The One. find more resources at find more resources at ● Pages 80-90 - win
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