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Lecture 5

SDS 3482 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Cognitive Restructuring, Stress Management, Stressor

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SDS 3482
Mercedes M Machado

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Chapter 5 Notes
Activities to prevent a stressor from resulting in negative consequences!
-Such as psychological discomfort, anxiety, illness, and disease!
-Coping with a Stressor!
-Result of a demand that exceeds resources available to meet that demand!
-Engaging in a behavior or thought to respond to a demand!
-Task-oriented coping!
Finding a better way to do the task!
-Emotion-focused coping!
Managing one’s feelings and/or accepting!
-Categories of Appraisal!
Primary Appraisal!
-Judging how much of a threat is involved, and how important is the outcome!
Secondary Appraisal!
-Determining whether resources needed to meet the demand are available!
-Evaluating whether the response made to a demand/threat was eective!
Confidence in the ability to manage a demand/threat!
Outcome Ecacy!
-Availability of an eective strategy to manage a demand/threat!
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