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University of Florida
Sociology, Criminology and Law - Sociology
SYG 2010
Lauren Griffin

Institutional Racism Segregation refers to the “residential separation of racial and ethnic groups in different areas within metropolitan areas.” Segregation has been dropping in recent years, but persists in many places. Explanation for segregation: • People want to live with others like them (popular explanation) • Income and education differences • These alone cannot explain all of the housing problems Housing Discrimination Now: • Outright discrimination is no longer legal • Other forms of discrimination exist, though • Help steer people into different neighborhoods and segregate the population TAM: Segregation has gone done but still exists. People work to maintain segregation even though it is illegal. Beyond Crime and Punishment • Prison population has risen sharply since the 1970s • Black people and other minorities are overly represented in prisons • Three-strike laws • Mandatory minimum sentences • Harsher drug laws • Rise of for profit prisons Why this population? • Legal system • Stop-and-frisk • Who gets caught What’s this mean inequality? • Social stigma • Can’t continue education Masculinities • Asocial role • Played out within institutions and different social structures • Not just biology-it’s constructed • Multiple masculinities • Refers to the social roles, behaviors, and meanings prescribed for men in any given society at one time • Masculinities vary over time • Hegemonic masculinity: the model masculinity against which men in a given culture measure themselves • All cultures have a version of hegemonic masculinity • Part of being a man is NOT being a woman
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