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Lecture 4

RTV 3101 Lecture 4: Crafting a Strong Opening Act-12517

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RTV 3101
Daniel Vaughn

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find more resources at Crafting a Strong Opening Act Great Examples ● Up ● Drive ● Ocean’s Eleven To-Do List Pages 1-25 ● Set the tone ○ Even cheesy movies that make fun of them​selves (ex. 00, ​Judge Dredd) set that tone in first act ● Introduce main characters ○ ​x. ​Ocean’s Eleven - prison exit interview with Daniel Ocean (main character) ● Set the “rules” of the game/world that your characters are in ● Hook the audience in the first 10 pages ○ Ex. ​Drive ● Set up dramatic moments for payoff later in the movie ​ ○ Ex. ​Up - Ellie gives Carl a lot of things that come into play later on ○ You can pull off almost anything in the third act if it’s properly set up in the first ● Get your hero to the inciting incident ○ Pushes character into second act ○ Utilize a catalyst Introduce the Hero ● Show them struggling with something ○ Make us care about them before Act 1 ends ​ ○ Ex. ​Up - Carl and Ellie want to have a kid but can’t ● Show them going about their daily lives ​ ○ Ex. ​Shaun of the Dead - all the drinks mentioned in the opening act foreshadow the events that happen later on ● Show how they’re different ​ ○ Ex. ​Let the Right​e In (American remake: ​Let Me In) - the main character is an outcast which draws him to the strange girl that moves in next door ● Show their favorite thing ○ You’ll take this away from them soon find more resources at find more resources at ​ ○ Ex. ​The Incredibles - Mr. Incredible’s favorite thing is being a superhero that works alone, he gets married and later society bans superheroes ● Show your Hero’s Dragon ○ You don’t have to reveal the Villain, but you should at least tease them ​ ○ Ex. ​Harry Potter - Harry doesn’t meet Voldemort until the very end but you know who he is Set the “Rules” ● If this world differs from our own you have to show it in the first act ​ ○ Ex. ​The Matrix and ​Harry Potter ● Reveal your Hero’s moral code ​ ○ Ex. ​Batman Begins - Bruce Wayne refuses to kill a farmer (an “i
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