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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 08/27/2013 Expectations of Class (Mechanics)  Tuesday – 2-hour block schedule  Thursday – Discussion Classes (important)  4 main components: o Midterm (essay x2) – 50 minutes o 4 page paper (20% of final grade) o Attendance, Participation, and Weekly assignments o Final Exam 40% of final grade (essay x3) – 120 minutes Themes – Conceptual Arguments of Class  What made the people of Salem start to believe even harder that witches existed? Why?  How did society function in the past prior to 1877? o Core of American society (i.e. values) was established by 1877.  Expectation of Societal Evolution  World Dominated v. Urban Dominated  Rise of different societal classes  Functional definition of Nature changed between centuries  Change of familial values and cultures  Modern consumption  Medical Systems  Criminal Justice Systems  Passing of information Actual Work  Late 15 Century – Europeans discover Western Hemisphere o Columbus’ started a new era of discovery  Persia, Turkey, and China were way ahead in terms of everything than Europe o Europe seemed like it was on the verge of destruction th  4 Key technological changes (second half of the 15 Century): o Shipbuilding – new kind of sail o Calculating – Navigational abilities and tools better developed by early 1490’s o Printing Press – Allowed for maps to be built o Improvements in metallurgy
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