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University of Florida
American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 09/17/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture):  Looked at the settlement of European colonies  Roots of slavery were grounded from society before slavery  Monetary gains from growing tobacco had powerful effects on society in the South o How did Tobacco shape early Southern development? (professor noted that this could be a possible midterm exam question)  Not enough labor in the South o Tough work initially indentured servants  Young 20’s, single, males  Treated badly  “The script of history was very malleable” o Could have gone either way  Power accrued to landowners o Laws were designed to be in there favor  Plagues and fire in Europe (specifically England) caused for an opening in economy back home o No longer did the poor want to go to the new world in search of jobs o Rather chose to stay home and fix up the old country  Initially African slaves were never considered sub human o Originally African slaves came over as indentured servants  Treated in law in colorblind ways  Missed treated as an indentured servant but not as an actual slave  The term race was used ten years after the first ideology of slavery came to being  Had Europeans considered Africans subhuman from the beginning they would never have had to create laws outlining the difference between Europeans and slaves and consequences of social interactions (i.e. sex) o Think along lines of Bestiality  Bestiality wasn’t rampant in European society – had Africans been considered subhuman they’d never have had the laws that they do General Idea: Race became the way to differentiate within socialization. Race was an issue and worked hard to make it an even stronger issue. 1 AMH 2010 09/17/2013 North – New England Colonies: The Puritan Life  Puritan – Boston, Massachusetts o Opposite of the South  Over the course of 17th Century 20,000 people moved to New England o Population grew to 130,000 people.  The population growth never made too much sense o Cold o Little land to farm on o Settlers sucked at farming  Why? o English traditions o Ethnocentric  New England didn’t really make that much money. o No vineyards o No Gold o Nothing entirely conducive to making bank  Puritans: Religious zealots who wanted to purify the English Church (Anglican Church) o Too much ritual o Too much ceremony o They could “read” God’s will  Read, read, and keep reading scriptures o Embraced notion of Calvinism  God is angry and unforgiving o Chose to bounce out of East Anglia – Peasant farmers were moving o Puritans weren’t really great farmers  Peasant farmers weren’t too literate and therefore could not really be a part of the Puritan Society  Puritans saw turmoil in England – needed to achieve salvation and run from England and her Evil’s o God’s Test – Opportunity  “Pilgrim’s were unimportant in my view” – Professor Adler  Puritans originally went to Holland to escape England’s evil o Children were being seduced into being tolerant  1620 Puritans went from Holland to Plymouth Rock o 30 Pilgrim zealots o 71 workers  No really pilgrims were dicks
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