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American Studies
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AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

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AMH 2010 09/24/2013 Housekeeping Items  2 weeks from today midterm o 3 broad open questions o 50 minutes o Answer 2 of 3 questions o Get Green/Blue Book Most important theme (from last lecture):  17 Century New England – Puritans  Built a city upon a hill against all odds o Moved to harsh unforgiving environment o Took everyone  Created stable society o Politically o Socially  Reasons they survived: o Good health o Cold weather put a stop to the spread of disease via bugs o Providentialists  Everything is a message from god o Possible Exam question: Long lives of Puritans shaped the colony for 50 years?  Change was resisted  Long age allowed the hammering of ideals in to their children  Puritans were the 1 people in mankind to all know their grandparents  Schools were important to Puritans o “No seriously y’all need to read that scripture mo’e often”  Intrusive legal systems  Even with all their success they eventually would fail. o Created their own land shortage  Satan probably had a sleeper cell type organization in Puritan society – If we were to consider Puritan society as though it were a modern culture o Internal disputes o They loathed and hated each other  Law suits on law suits on law suits o Eventually children let the old world go 1 AMH 2010 09/24/2013  Different experiences o 3 sets of changes – new problems  Everything was weakening over time General Idea: Puritan society was stable, rigid, close, resistant to change, and more importantly was successful… for a while but would eventually fail. 2 AMH 2010 09/24/2013 Puritan Economy  Ambition was outlawed o Didn’t serve gods will o No need for surplus  Regulating economy was key o Laws allowed them to freeze the social structure  A few points of vulnerability o 2 products they couldn’t get on their own  Salt  Any sort of metal products: Guns and such  Allowed for a barter system to be created o Made the society “self sustainable” o Traded via salt and guns  By 1643 the system breaks because no more Puritans are emigrating to Massachusetts o Therefore caused Puritans to deal with outsiders o Led to a market economy  They needed to sell some form of product o Sold fish o Cape Cod – think about the name  Made profit off of the Carolina’s and West Indies  Market was to slave colonies o Timber  Puritans weren’t enthralled by the idea of sailors  You can’t regulate profit o Open trade  Open trade market created ambition o The devil all up in you tryin’ to make you want more and more stuff  Timber was great for ship masts  Ori
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