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University of Florida
American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/01/2013 Housekeeping Items  1 week from today midterm o 3 broad open questions o 50 minutes o Answer 2 of 3 questions o Get Green/Blue Book Most important theme (from last lecture):  Changes in religion  Commitment to Providentialism o Starting to weaken  Fierce conviction didn’t end but weakened  Children of Puritans became “corrupted” o Economic changes help to accelerate this corruption  Fishing, whaling, and in general sea-merchant industry  Certain people honestly just wanted more and more riches and valuables  View choices of Puritan children who couldn’t receive land from their families General Idea: Due to changes restriction of ambition and change became extremely hard to regulate. The Great Awakening (TGA): A series of religious revival th  TGA accelerated the changes in 17 Century. o Helped the rise of Capitalism  “17 Century settlers – Jon Winthrop’s world could never have had a revolution” – Professor Adler  “George the 3 was a corrupt bastard” o To be able to say that something really had to happen  Frontier towns weren’t big on holy watching rd th  Everyone of the 3 /4 generations came off as extremely greedy  The frontier settler wanted protection from the indigenous - would they look to? o In essence local government but not so much England the country itself 1 AMH 2010 10/01/2013 Local Government And The Economic Currency  Arguments over currency o Wealthy people wanted to use hard currency coins/shillings vs. paper
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