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University of Florida
American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/15/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture):  The Great Awakening o Bridge connecting world of Salem Possessed and the world of the American Revolution  TGA – Great counterintuitive moments in American history o People should’ve been more likely to go to Church but in the end there were less and less people connected to religious institutions o Religions became a thing between you and god – church wasn’t quite that necessary  Thanks to TGA no longer did the critiquing of government was equivalent to critiquing of God/Church o Criticize government without being blasphemous  Government had no authority or insight into the legitimacy of religious institutions o People refused to pay taxes to help support churches General Idea: Thanks to TGA so much in America changed. TGA allowed people to “challenge” things. American Revolution  Taxation without representation – wasn’t necessarily the true  Sovereignty and liberty - wasn’t necessarily true either  Majority of American Colonists didn’t care too highly for philosophy and cerebral literature o Didn’t go to war over lofty ideals especially when they agreed with so much of English ideals  Why they #YOLOSwaggin’ so much?  Colonists weren’t too smart to consider the term “sovereignty”  Reasons for going to War: o The 7 years war – French and Indian War  Let it be noted the French an Indigenous were on the same side  Not necessarily 7 years…  FIW o War was all about the Ohio River Valley o English wanted land to expand o NA were trading furs with France  French recognized that if English came in they would be screwed 1 AMH 2010 10/15/2013  British wouldn’t give them a piece of that A** o French ally with NA’s because the indigenous had great guerilla warfare tactics  Hit and run on English settlers o William Pi
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