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AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/17/2013 Review of Lecture (10/15/2013)  Red coats began to “invade” o Pompous and arrogant  Comparatively though Americans army had no real training/discipline o Young men who didn’t have much – from Boston  Young men didn’t really have land  No land meant they couldn’t really do much in their lives  These young men didn’t like being told what to do and being controlled.  Important cities Boston, Philadelphia, and New York o Port Cities, that had great economic growth  Thanks to the use of hard currency (Gold/Silver) by Red Coats  Red Coats came in through these major ports o Due to growth young men no longer really took on apprenticeships  French & Indian War (FIW) o Mostly about trade, land, and tensions from old world  England and France totes not getting along in England  Spills over into New World  Honestly ended up being more of a “World War”  After the FIW, British left but the Crown was deep in debt o Passed tax laws to try and pay up for this  Stamp Act  Sugar Act  Currency Act  Townshend Act o Tax laws didn’t necessarily affect colonists  Colonists didn’t agree to this saw it as an external tax and didn’t agree with being taxed  Crown dictates we’re in charge while Ben Franks was all like, “Nah playa colonies know what is good for us not the crown” “Taxation Without Representation”  Mobs begin to form originally peaceful but eventually became more violent  Majority of Founding Fathers (FF) livelihoods were at risk o Thought hey let’s turn the mobs into FF sides o Appease the mobs  Using philosophical arguments to unite everyone and anyone against the crown 1 AMH 2010 10/17/2013 Port City Importance (Northern Colonies)  Everything happens in these cities o Get drunk here o Live here o Economy grows  However as war goes down, economy slows causing major economic devastation  Didn’t necessarily affect the South until they hear that the crown is working towards abolishing slavery o Without slavery Southern colonial economy would tank o Loss of workers o Everything would become topsy-turvy  Hence the Southern Coloni
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