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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/29/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture): Thomas Jefferson’s Vision  TJ did everything he could do destroy everything he envisioned to create o Unintentional o His original plan was to have no change, set in one way to stop corruption o America was to be a nation of small self-sufficient farmers  Flaws on flaws on flaws o He left out everybody but white male indie farmers  TJ’s policies, little by little he undid everything he wanted to  Louisiana Purchase allowed for more farming land, however purchase allowed for the development of markets.  Fertile land + markets = specialization and ambitious farmers  To wade off punks who try to take over America Farmers needed roads and TJ was all about that. o Roads connected people to markets  TJ also launched aggressive removal of indigenous… Aggressive foreign policy…  Prior to roads majority of markets were barter markets… really bad form of economy General Idea: TJ’s aggressive policies while their intention was to wade off outside corruption-transformed America in the 1 half of the 19 Century. TJ allowed for the creation of “American Ambition”. Transportation – Improvement of Roads  Wider roads allow for horse-wagons to travel o Horse wagons brought better diets and nutrients to small towns  Better diet means better livelihoods  Allowed for more children and child bearable years  Price of the roads: Not billed to the individual person o Individuals don’t care for the “useless” societal gains of building their own roads o Therefore TJ had government building roads  Think in terms of concentric circles  There were still losers o Winners: peo
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