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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 11/05/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture):  Until a city could feed itself they couldn’t have factories.  West became bread basket  Northeast: led the way in industrial revolution o Had a lot of people… cheap workforce  Factories: o Raw material went in one end and out came solid goods  Fast moving rivers and streams thanks to rock hilly terrain in NE. o Provided good source of water power  First product made was textiles thanks to cotton from the south  You could convince farmers to grow cotton so they can make money General Idea: What happened on farms shaped cities and vice versa. Industrialization  Many people had issues with industrialization  Factory owners looked to young girls to work  Owners sold parents the dream of a chaste young girl  Parents would no longer have to feed the kids and assumably get daughters paycheck  However female workers were not obedient o Kept money meant for dowry and didn’t really send any home o Money spent on clothes o Girls stay only for a month or two o Independent o Girls loved the city, no one likes the farm – IT SMELLS o Factory work sucked  Factories allowed for the realization of materialism o MORE! MORE! MORE! o Standard of living improved
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