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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 11/12/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture):  Industrialization stimulated urban growth  Urban population became diverse  Urban infrastructure could not handle the influx of people o Causing wealthy whites to move to Suburbia  Those who flourished economically deserved what they have  Poor began to celebrate the ills of society o Wife beating o Drinking o Fighting o Whore mongering  Class warfare allowed for public services o Prison invented to help rehabilitate crap people o Education to help take away children for 8 hours a day from their shitty parents o Police o Fire departments  Middle Class invented proper social hierarchies General Idea: Many social services that we know today are products of class warfare in the 19 Century. Our world is a reflection of their world. Industrialization it’s effects on Southern Society  Southern society begins to redefine itself  Cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney o Separates seed from cotton  Cotton Gin allowed for farm economy to boom – cotton now becomes a very profitable cotton  Southern economy is largely built on production of cotton  Virginia originally a tobacco based economy state… starts to change  Northern society wouldn’t have grown without cotton… o Spearheading industrialization  Cotton gin o Southerners no longer hugged the Atlantic coast o Increasing inequality within southern society  Cost of slaves increases 1 AMH 2010 11/12/2013  24% of white owning slaves in the south owned slaves and controlled the southern economy  Reason anyone bought slaves to make money o You told yourself that slaves aren’t entitled to basic human rights o Planters called doctors at the smallest sign of a slave was sick  Wealthy elite whites used Irish immigrants to drain their swampy farm lands o Didn’t used slaves so as not to lose money on their “investments”  Slaves and poor whites only really ate cornmeal o Led to malnutrition and dementia  Roots of modern redneck jokes rose from poor whites of the time o You so dumb you ate dirt  Slaves worked approximately 15 hours a day  Slave owners wanted mor
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