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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 11/19/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture):  Why was there this need to prove your honor? o You needed to show that you were a man’s man  Especially if you were poor o Needed to prove that you were indeed better than slaves o Masculinity, race, pride, etc. were all fused together  Opposition was the feminine/slave-type attitude  Scars on a fighter showed he was strong, crazy, and would not back down  Slavery clearly infected white society General Idea: Why did poor whites go to war to defend an institution that did them no good? Culture. Basic backwards, unnatural flourishing culture. Making Sense of the Civil War  Northern Whites were racists  Those of African descent though they were human were below them  Blacks would have to pay a bond to live in a community  Union didn’t really fight the civil war for the simple fact of defeating slavery o Racial equality was the least of their concern  Northerners didn’t approve in any way the idea of abolitionist  Both the Southern and Northern society had ways to sidestep the issue of slavery via the constitution o Both sides were equally dependent on each other  And they knew it  So why is it that in 1850’s and 60’s no longer could compromise be a feasible option? o Rhetoric.  Google, Charles Sumner and Preston Brooks  How does one explain the fanaticism of the Civil War?  Anti-Slavery movement not abolitionism was as
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